Manifestation Films
& Bespoke Graphics

Comply with the Health & Safety Regulations and Transform your glazing with Shields manifestation films and bespoke graphic designs.

Available in a variety of Frosted, Patterned, Coloured and Textured finishes Shields range of manifestation privacy films add a chic designer style to glazed screens in reception areas, corridors, office partitions and wherever privacy is required and a light open atmosphere is desired.

Computer Cut Manifestation: Standard manifestation dots, squares and bands are available to comply with the glazing Regulations OR bespoke designs incorporating your logo or branding to discreetly reinforce your company’s visual identity to employees and visitors.

Printed Window Films: create a stunning environment with Shield’s range of printable window films. Full Colour images can be digitally printed onto Frosted, optically clear Proclear or Solar and Safety window films to create the specified effect whilst also providing the level of protection of Safety, Solar Control and Privacy required.

Printed Wallpaper & Wall Coverings: create a truly bespoke design for your wall space with Shield’s digitally printed wall coverings such as ProLam which is a versatile material designed for application to flat and slightly curved surfaces. It can be applied to most internal and external surfaces. Digital wallcoverings offer the possibility for a truly bespoke design for your wall space and can be produced from your own designs or photographs.

Regulations for Manifestation and DDA Compliance: Installed Manifestation improves the visibility of glass, providing a safer environment and meeting the legal requirements. The need for manifestation is to make staff and the public aware of the presence of glass and reduce the risk of collisions with glass that can occur and be potentially very dangerous.

Over the years the Health & Safety requirements for glass that requires Manifestation has come under a number of regulations. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) - Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - Building Regulations N1 & N2, then Building Regulations M1 & M2 and currently Building Regulation K5.2: Manifestation of Glazing as below:

Permanent methods to indicate glazing, and alternative methods

7.3 People moving in or around a building might not see glazing in critical locations and can collide with it. To avoid this one of the following should be adopted.

a. Use permanent manifestation to make glazing apparent (see paragraph 7.4).
b. Use alternative indications of glazing. such as mullions. transoms, door framing or large pull or push handles (see Diagram 7.1).

7.4 Provide glass doors and glazed screens (including glazed screens alongside a corridor) with all of the following.

a. Manifestation at two levels. as shown in Diagram 7.2.
b. Manifestation that will contrast visually with the background seen through the glass. both from inside and outside, in all lighting conditions.
c. Manifestation in the form of a logo or sign. a minimum of 150mm high (repeated if on a glazed screen). or a decorative feature such as broken lines or continuous bands. a minimum of 5Omm high.
d. Where glazed doors are beside or part of a glazed screen. they are clearly marked with a high- contrast strip at the top and on both sides.
e. Where glass doors may be held open. they are protected with guarding to prevent people colliding with the leading edge.