Bomb Blast Protection
& Glass Containment Systems

Shield’s Shatter Resistant Security & Blast Mitigation Window films provide 24-hour protection against acts of Terrorism, Chemical Explosion, Vandalism, Break-ins, Industrial Accidents, Accidental & Spontaneous glass breakage.

Protecting staff, customers and the public by reducing the risk of injuries, property damage and business disruption from flying glass fragments as a result glass breakage under explosive pressure, spontaneous breakage attempted break-in.

Once installed Shield’s blast protection window films comfortably meet and exceed the levels of protection recommended by the CPNI, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the GGF, the Glass & Glazing Federation.

The Armorcoat, Ultra, Safetyshield security window films we use have passed some of the toughest government and consumer testing to provide effective blast mitigation protection and window safety, meeting the European safety glazing impact test EN 12600 (formally the British standard BS 6206) plus the blast resistance tests, GSA and ISO 16933 Blast Safety Certifications. This level of protection can be enhanced with the addition of the suitable Glass Anchoring/Containment Systems.

The high level of protection provided makes our window films one of the best investments for commercial & public buildings, offices, storefronts and government facilities.

Spontaneous and Accidental Glass Breakage:

Over the past few years there have seen several highly publicized incidents involving window and balcony glass breaking accidentally or spontaneously and falling from high-rise buildings.

One of the causes of Spontaneous Glass Breakage is thought to be Nickel-sulfide inclusions (NiS) an imperfection which forms in the production of tempered glass There is a high risk of personal injury and damage from broken glass falling from their window frames, especially high level and overhead glazing.

Glass Anchoring & Containment Systems:

Providing the safe economical solution to this problem and as a Premier Partner trained Member Company we are able to advise on the correct choice and installation of window film combined with our edge retention glass anchoring containment systems, which are designed and proven to hold broken panes of glass in place. By absorbing and distributing the impact load these systems are designed to retain the broken glass in their frames reducing the possibility of dangerous glass fragments falling or entering the room.

Tested Retrofit Glass Anchoring & Containment Systems:

Wet Glaze System – the filmed glass is anchored to the window frame with a triangular high-performance silicone sealant joint, Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive is recommended.

Gullwing Membrane System – the flexible membrane is securely adhered to the filmed glass and window frame with a very high bond tape.

Framegard Mechanical System – the security window film is applied to the glass plus carried onto the window frame. The aluminium mechanical batten system is then attached to the window frame which in conjunction with Anti Shatter Window Film (ASF) prevents the glass from flying into the room in the event of an explosion, riot or burglary.