About Us

For over 30 years we have delivered cost-effective solutions to protect the public from common problems associated with glass, in a variety of applications including:

Solar Control window film, for Comfort and reduced Energy Costs
Shatter Resistant safety film to meet Health & Safety Glazing regulations
Glass Containment systems for Bomb Blast Protection & Broken Glass Retention
Manifestation and bespoke Graphics
Residential & Conservatory Window Films

Glass has become more and more a major feature of building design in recent years. Frequent problems with using glass:

  • Solar heat as well as light, leading to discomfort and the need for air conditioning units. Which in time is costly both financially and environmentally
  • Glass can be easily broken, causing a risk of serious injury from flying glass fragments to occupants and the public.
  • Glass is a weak point in many premises security
  • Standard glass does not combine privacy with a view out
  • Severe solar glare is uncomfortable and disruptive especially for screen users

SHIELDS advanced window films, installed onto your existing glazing, deliver an effective and long-lasting solution to these problems.